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GOGO WP Post Navigation Tools combines various tools for navigating any type of WordPress post or object more efficiently.  The Post Navigation Tools include:

Previous/Next Buttons
You can turn these options on for any post type. Just enable to the types you want the buttons to appear on and you can easily browse through post/object records using the Previous/Next buttons instead of having to go back to the object or post list.

After-Publish Options
brings you a variety of action-based options that execute after you publish/save.  The current options are listed below and can be enabled for any post type:

  • Continue Editing Post
  • View Post After Saving
  • Add New Product
  • Go to Parent Product
  • Go to Sibling Product
  • Go to Child Product
  • Go to Next Product
  • Go to Previous Product
  • Go Back to Product List

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Product Details

Release Date: November 28, 2015
Last Update: February 17, 2016


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